Just published!!  Association of Family and Conciliation Court’s two year task force just completed the first comprehensive practice guidelines for therapists who work with Court-involved clients. Issues such as informed consent for such therapy, dealing with requests to provide treatment information to the Court (eg. handling a subpeona), prohibitions against engaging in multiple roles, providing opinions beyond the scope of therapy, etc. are all addressed in the guidelines. Dr. Sullivan was the co-chair of the task force.

Below, you can download the guidelines, and I have provided additional links to the guidelines and sample service agreements for Court-Involved therapy.

Link to the task force page that shows the document plus the extras:http://www.afccnet.org/about/Court_Involved_therapist_task_force.asp

Direct link to the guidelines: http://www.afccnet.org/pdfs/Guidelines%20for%20Court%20Involved%20Therapy%20AFCC.pdf