Please download, review and sign the appropriate form(s). Bring executed form(s) to first appointment.

Confidential Mediation

Informed Consent to engage in confidential child custody Mediation with Dr. Sullivan


Informed Consent to provide Forensic Consultation Services

Coparenting Work

Informed Consent agreement to engage in confidential Coparent Counseling with Dr. Sullivan


Service agreement/informed consent for Recommending/Non-confidential mediation

Release of Info between professionals

Release of confidential information to permit Dr. Sullivan to exchange information with another professional:

Special Master/Parenting Coordination Stipulation and Order

Template for Court order appointing Dr. Sullivan as a Special Master/Parenting Coordinator

Case Management Order

Case Management/Parenting Coordination work

Expert Agreement

Informed Consent to provide Forensic Expert Services in a Child Custody Case:
for either reviewing a child custody evaluation or providing expert testimony