The Canadian News program W5 (the equivalent of the 20/20 news program in the states) did a segment entitled: W5 Investigates: Children on the Front Lines of Divorce.  This compelling segment interviews 3 families impacted by high conflict divorce. The second part of the segment highlights a family who attended the 2008 Breaking Barriers Family Camp. Presenting with allegations of sexual molest by the mother, alienation by the father, and having repeated Court involvement leading to only supervised contact between the father and children, the camp was a transformative experience, resulting in a functional, shared custody arrangement. Please see other posts on this website (in the child alienation category)  for a full description of the camp program.

The link to the Canadian Television Network’s W5 documentary is as follows:

Overcoming Barriers camp is accepting inquiries for the camp that will take place July 2010, Please contact Dr. Sullivan  at for further information.