Forgiveness essential for coparenting

Bob Livingstone, a child therapist, provides sage advice to coparents about the effects on children of forgiveness between parents. Cut and paste this link:

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Child of Divorce: Letter

This is a well produced  2-minute video that captures the issues from a child's perspective... click on the link to view:...

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Coparenting: Cooperate for your kid’s sake

I thought this short promotion for Al Gibbs' coparenting classes in Los Angeles was provides excellent information for coparents working through the divorce transition. Paste this URL and you'll be able to view:...

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California Coparenting Center Opens, June, 2014

Drs. Matt Sullivan and Shawn McCall are pleased to announce the opening of the California Coparenting Center (CCC) in their office in Palo Alto. The Center will provide low fee services for coparents sharing custody of their children post separation and divorce. In...

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Overcoming Barriers high conflict family Camp July 2014

The Overcoming Barriers High-Conflict Divorce Family Camp scheduled for July 14 – July 18, 2014. We are accepting applications starting March 17 and will process applications in the order they are received. Please read about the program and the intake process before...

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Talking to kids about separation and divorce

A recent study found that a small minority of parents talk to their children about their separation and divorce. The failure to do so leaves kids confused, stressed and not having critical permission to use their parents as a resource during this transition. The...

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Arizona Guide to Coparenting Communication

Attached is a useful guide to structuring coparenting communication, particularly in higher conflict shared custody situations. It supports a parallel model of coparenting. Click on this link for the pamphlet...

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