Rights of Children of Divorce

Here is a nice set of guidelines to help parents focus on the best interests of their children after separation and divorce Rights of Children of Divorce: Children have the right to Continue to love both parents without guilt or disapproval (subtle or overt) by either...

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Dr. Sullivan will present at the AFCC-CA 2/02/18

Dr Sullivan will join colleagues in presenting a workshop at the California Association of Family and Conciliation Court annual conference on "When Resistance is Justified: Assessment and Treatment of Estrangement in Parent-Child Contact Problems" 2018_AFCC_Brochure  ...

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Parent-child Contact problems training in San Diego 10/28/17

Here is an outline of the day, you can also add 4 hours of DV training on Friday that will certify the 12 hours of California Rule of Court 5.220 annual training requirements.  Please email Professor Neil Ribner for the brochure and registration information...

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AAML-AFCC Joint conference on Family Law   9/14-16, 2017

AAML-AFCC Joint conference on Family Law 9/14-16, 2017

Dr. Sullivan is presenting a plenary and institute on Mental Health consultation and testifying expert roles in San Diego at the premier family law conference. AFCC is very excited to be hosting in conjunction with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the 2017...

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Web-based training in Parent-child Contact problems

Please go to the Overcoming Barriers website to get information about a web-based/online comprehensive Course on understanding and intervening when children are resisting or refusing contact with a parent.  Dr. Sullivan, Deutsch, Fidler, Ward...

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Parenting Coordination Training-Chicago-3/06-7, 2017

Dr. Sullivan will conduct a 2-day Parenting Coordination Training at the Loyola Law School in Chicago on March 6th and 7th, 2017. Please go to the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts website ( to "conferences and training" for a brochure with...

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New York Times

A perspective about shared custody building resilience in kids, even when coparents don't get along...

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